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Washdown Touch Screen Computer - Why Are They So Popular?

The sleek, durable SIO Series washdown touchscreen computer is packed with state-of-the art electronics, top performance, and highly intuitive software for highly sensitive operating environments. The smooth, ergonomic brushed stainless steel surface maintains its elegant smart look during intense washdowns and thorough industrial applications. It's also easy to find and replace parts when needed, and the built-in cable storage allows flexible cable management.

The SIO Series Washdown Displays Panel PC is a high pressure, high temperature solution for industrial applications ranging from manufacturing plants to packaging plants. This powerful computer works by using an ionic liquid electrolyzer to detect high temperature and low pressure areas. As the panel is temperature sensitive, it can pinpoint faulty solder joints, overheat fuses, or other components that may be melting or burning out. Once the error is detected, a panel pull down is used to lower the heat sink and remove excess heat from the fuse and joint. This means less downtime and a safer workspace for everyone concerned. Learn more about waterproof washdown PCs from this link.

Cleaning a SIO Series Washdown Computer panel isn't difficult. Unlike many other types on the market, this one is designed to work in high-pressure environments, which means cleanliness and hygienic practices must be observed at all times. All screws on the front should be threaded, and the screws are secured with brass washers. Any exposed joints should be wiped clean with a disinfecting wipe and then dried with a dry cloth. While the stainless steel body looks impressive, the hygienic glass face and touchpad are also covered with a high-gloss UV protective coating to prevent the display from becoming scratched or chipped.

The SIO Series Washdown Displays with High Pressure IP69K Waterproof HMI Panel PC does come with one accessory. The built-in micro USB power adapter doubles as a charging port, so your device can be charged while you're working. When the power is drained from the device, it will automatically shut down until new power arrives. This also provides power management by shutting down the power when not in use, as well as saving battery life. It's important to note that an external power adapter is required for this product, but the flexible USB charging cables make it extremely easy to connect the SIO Series Washdown Display with High Pressure IP69K Waterproof HMI Panel PC to a power source, especially if you need to leave your device at home or in the office.

The SIO Series Washdown Displays with High Pressure IP69K Waterproof HMI Panel PC is an affordable solution for those building high-volume manufacturing line automation systems. Although it's designed for heavy duty telecommunications room data switches and other heavy duty industrial tablet Pcs, this rugged handheld PC is also used in many other applications too. Many medical industries and laboratories also use these devices, along with industrial tablet Pcs. In addition to the ability to use it in a manufacturing environment, this tablet PC has many different applications. It's great for data analysis in education settings, in healthcare, sales and service, hospitality, shipping, distribution, engineering and manufacturing. Even small offices and home offices may find applications for these versatile, long-lasting rugged handheld PCs. Explore Premio water proof touchscreen computers here.

The rugged ergonomic design of these screen devices makes them perfect for applications where there is a lot of movement or lots of travel between locations. This device is used in both mobile devices and desktop computers, which are mostly used on the go. Many users have reported the device operates quietly and with excellent touch sensitivity. It also operates with a long time without interruption, even when multiple users are using the device at the same time. It comes with many add-ons and is available with a keyboard, mouse or both. The SIO Series of industrial tablet pcs is mostly used by telecommunication room data switches, telephones operators, field engineers, station supervisors, field service personnel, as well as field workers and other such personnel. Find more details at this link -

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